Gift Your Partner with Diamond Studded Gold Rings for Men

Diamond ring

Previously, accessories were meant for the women class, and men were practically devoid of its beauty. Now, with changing time, you can avail the changes associated with this jewelry category, as well. Thus, men are now looking forward to the gold rings, which are entirely dedicated for their use. The design along with the look of the gold rings for men is completely different from the ones, meant for women. Therefore, if you are willing to deal with the masculine design, solely meant for men category, online stores like Pinto Gold have a wide amalgamation of products, stored in front of you. The rings are available in either gold solid base or with stone studded options.

Simple and round shape

With women rings, you can come across various designs to match your needs and demands. However, for gold rings for men, the services are practically simple and the design comes handy in thick golden bonds. Here, the thickness of the rings will be more, when compared with the ladies rings. Thus, you are always welcome to get in touch with the right thickness of your fingers, and make the choice, accordingly. For example, if you have a weak bodily structure, then thickness of the rings is likely to vary.


Starting range of these products

The golden rings for men come handy in various packages, depending on the style and the number of diamonds, infused. From 10,000 bucks to 50,000 bucks and more, the variations are quite a lot. From a single diamond placed in the middle of the ring, to a complete set of diamonds, enriching the ring, the options are practically limitless. Ensure to have your name registered with the site, and you can always receive emails for any daily deals and special discounted rates. Apart from diamonds, different other stones are used for elevating the style quotient. Some of those are ruby, jade, sapphire, emerald, jade and more.


A mix of platinum in it

In order to enrich the design of gold rings for men, you can look for the platinum infusion technique. Here, the entire ring is based on 22K gold, but the middle string is made out of platinum. Thus, the color as well as the design is going to create a completely new look. The shining diamond is placed in the middle of the platinum bond and with a perfect shine. The glaze of diamond is here to compliment well with the platinum body, and with a strong grip, as well. Reliable adhesive is used in order to hold the stones in their requisite places.


Used for wedding purposes

Apart from gifting occasion, certain rings are again termed as wedding bands. Therefore, the wedding gold rings for men are mainly simple, and comes with stone studded option. Here, more than one diamond is used, and the size of the stone will also vary. Reliable online stores such as Pintogold.com are going to offer you with hallmark signs, to prove the credential of the gold metal. On the other hand, there are certain marks placed on diamonds and other expensive gems. These are used in order to elevate the present style statement.



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