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The Latest Fashion Trend: Estate Silver Jewelry

Ever heard of sterling silver? Sterling silver is an excellent choice in estate jewelry. It is easy to care for, beautiful and sustainable. Although purchasing estate jewelry sterling silver can be fun, it’s still confusing.

Estate Silver Jewelry

Whether you want to add sterling silver to your jewelry pack or you want to get it as a gift for someone special, it’s crucial that understand the terms used in the industry. Once you get familiar with the terminology, you will find that you will be able to carry put your purchases with confidence and more importantly, you are better equipped to select only quality pieces of sterling silver jewelry.

Now, the fact that you are buying at a local store, online, in the USA, Europe or in Canada does not matter. Silver has the same terminology all across the globe.

Even though sterling silver jewelry has been in existence for a very long time, it’s popularity today is on the high rise. Buyers are on the search for something unique. Sterling silver has become a popular choice because everyone is aware that the piece is beautiful and durable. Need I mention that it’s affordable?

The history of silver can be dated back to ancient times, but silver has not survived as it shows ill effects from exposure and age. If you take a look at history, you will observe that sterling silver has experienced periods of high popularity than gold and today is one of those periods.

The commonest of all precious metals is silver. Fine silver is referred to as pure silver although it’s not used often as jewelry because of its soft and flexible nature. To find a way around this, fine silver is mixed with copper. 75 parts of copper are mixed with 925 parts of silver. The 75 pieces of copper are enough to firm the silver and make a beautiful piece. This 925 grade is referred to as the sterling silver which is recognized throughout the world as the purest form of silver for jewelry.

The benefits of silver, when compared to gold, cannot be brushed aside. Silver is more flexible and allows for exotic jewelry creation. It has a very light weight. More importantly, it’s not as expensive as gold and trusts me; it will last you for a very extended period, say your lifetime. A gold piece cost six times more than sterling silver.

The fashion trends in vogue today which includes a lot of dark or black materials have increased the popularity of sterling silver as the piece fits well on black. Truth be told, the impact is felt much more than gold.

In our world today, silver is an excellent choice. It helps to keep you beautiful and shiny, just put, silver likes to be worn. You only need to polish it to get rid of the tarnish. Silver can be likened to our wash and wear clothing. No doubt, silver is an excellent jewelry piece.

Are you in the market for quality and beautiful sterling silver piece? Why not check out estate jewelry silver? It’s a piece you don’t want to miss. Surf or visit Pinto Gold Toronto Jewelry Store.


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