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A Guide by Pinto Gold to Judge Diamond Quality

Pinto Gold is one the best Jewelry Stores in Toronto where to buy diamond jewellery. Here is a guide to judge diamond quality that can be very helpful for you.


What to Look out For


To know and identify a real diamond quality, you need a proper understanding of the 4C’s otherwise known as the four characteristics that gives the precious stone its overall value. The 4C’s for knowing diamond authenticity are the diamond color, clarity, carats and cut.


Judging Color


Most people consider diamond to be of good quality once they are crystal clear and colorless. These kinds of diamonds are the most expensive. Alphabets are used to rate the color of diamonds. This rating system starts with “D” and ends with “Z”. The diamonds with no color at all falls in the “D” and “E” grade, while the ones with bright, fanciful colors fall in the range of “Y” and “Z”.

Jewellers have two methods of verifying diamond quality based on color. They might bring out a collection of reference stones and look for the closest one between that and the diamond stone to know its letter grade. A colorimeter can also be used to measure the color.


Verifying Clarity


Clarity of a diamond means whether or not the precious stone is crystal clear or whether it still has little particles in it. It is uncommon to find a diamond with no flaw at all but the flaws cannot be seen with the ordinary eyes except through a magnifying device.

At the Gemological Institute of America, when verifying the clarity of a diamond stone, an enlargement of like 10x is used. There are ways to make a diamond stone look more beautiful than it actually is, and this reduces the price of the stone. It is highly essential that you look well before buying a diamond so as not to spend more than you should.


Judging Carat Weight


The weight of a diamond gemstone is called carat. A carat is equal to 200 milligrams of weight. One piece of diamond jewelry with heavy carat weight is more valuable than than the equal amount of carats in different stones. The reason for this is that the bigger diamonds are rarely seen. Therefore, if you desire a 2 carat diamond ring, for instance, you may go for half carat diamond with smaller diamonds around it that adds up to one and half and gives you 2 carats altogether. Knowing diamond quality by its carat weight is complex, because different shapes of precious stones, and stones with different levels of clarity will have different prices even if they have the same carat weight.


Judging Cut


Another vital factor in judging diamond quality is its cut. The cut of a diamond will be more intelligent if it reflects the light more beautifully, still the cut has little impact on the price of gemstone.


Looking at the stone in a very bright area is more important when verifying diamond quality. If the light penetrates the stone and shines back, showing a sparkle then then diamond has a good cut. The cut of diamond in shapes and sizes goes a long way in judging diamond quality and the appearance of the stone.


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